Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Trazodone Taper

Well, the thyroid test came back and it's definitely not's actually the highest it's been since this thyroid fiasco started five years ago. So my days of butt-dragging-no-energy aren't due to the thyroid.

I don't think it's depression, either, because it hasn't been the usual inexorable descent into hell. It's just been the odd day here and there.

So my next likely culprit is trazodone, an antidepressant which I was prescribed for insomnia during the Big Mania. At my worst, I was taking 300 mg a night to sleep. More recently I've been using 100 mg, but I'd upped it to 200 mg a night over the holidays, which always cause me much Anxiety and Hand-Wringing, and, not surprisingly, Insomnia. And I hadn't gone back down after things settled down. So now it's time to taper down the trazodone and see what happens.

Hopefully I will be able to sleep without it. Hopefully I will sleep deeply enough without it that I won't be constantly awakened by the Chief's snoring. And the various dogs' comings and goings.

Before we had kids (and before I needed medication to sleep) the Chief (whose normal bedtime is a couple of hours after mine) used to complain that I was the only person he knew who slept so lightly that the sound of him removing his socks would wake me. To which I would reply that he was the only person I knew who removed his socks with the assistance of a crowbar, a mallet, and a bagpipe ensemble.

Perhaps it's time to think about separate bedrooms...on opposite sides of the house.


Anonymous said...

my husband and I slept in separate bedrooms for 2 years until it was discovered I had sleep apnea and I had surgery which stopped my snoring and cured my sleep apnea. I certainly couldn't put up with snoring and I didn't expect my husband to either! It's very nice to be able to sleep in the same bed though...

Jazz said...

I have wondered if sleep apnea might be the problem here, although he does need to lose weight, and I know that when he's about 40 lbs lighter than he is right now, the snoring stops. I'll just have to keep pushing the salads!