Thursday, June 12, 2008

100 Things I Love

Little Mouse and I are doing writing exercises every morning...more focused on creative writing than journaling, because, being ten, she has yet to accumulate much baggage, and is much more interested in writing stories and poems than deep self analysis. Yesterday we worked with lists, and we each came up with 10 wild animals, 10 trees, 10 favorite foods, 10 favorite books...and then I challenged her to 100. Come up with 100 things you love. And so we did. And I thought I'd share my list and challenge you all to try doing the same. I have done this as an exercise in gratitude when I'm feeling low, and I have done it when I'm feeling scattered and not sure of who I am. If 100 is too much, just do 25, or even 10.

1. reading
2. the smell of my children's heads when they were babies
3. Siberian huskies
4. journal writing
5. Tazo chai latte with vanilla soy milk
6. dark chocolate...the European sort
7. strawberry pie
8. Dungeons and Dragons
9. that Evanescence song "Lithium"
10. Ann Maxwell's book "Timeshadow Rider"
11. Licorice Allsorts
12. dragons
13. writing for the blog
14. thunderstorms (w/o hail, high winds, and tornadoes)
15. yoga
16. fabric shopping...especially for batiks
17. the Empire Builder series of train games
18. Deena Metzger's book "Writing for your Life"
19. my studio
20. Lyle's Golden Syrup
21. the Pfaff sewing machine The Chief gave me for xmas
22. the notebooks with the flowers on the cover from Target
23. quilting
24. Kip Winger's voice
25. windchimes
26. homemade pasta with gorgonzola and walnut sauce
27. the smell of baking bread
28. Marmite
29. my computer
30. pens that write dark and smooth
31. agates
32. "Baten Kaitos" for Gamecube
33. my D&D dice collection
34. "Lady Macbeth", my 1964 Gibson acoustic/electric guitar
35. gargoyles
36. blue and white china
37. lilacs
38. Josephine Wall's artwork
39. thick, thirsty bath towels
40. the music of Clannad
41. jellybeans
42. the Lake Elmo Inn Restaurant
43. roses
44. "Firefly", the television series
45. applique quilts
46. Sumac Village (my childhood hangout)
47. James Herriot's books
48. books, books and more books
49. "Oblivion" for the PS3
50. The Order of the Stick web comic
51. the move "Ladyhawke"
52. Monty Python
53. rollerblading
54. playing my Native American flutes
55. my first dog, Snoopy
56. baby animals
57. sliding between clean sheets after a shower
58. the game "Balderdash"
59. logic puzzles
60. tea with good friends
61. the poems my nana wrote for me
62. "The Lord of the Rings" books and movies
63. the fresh peaches we used to get in WA
64. Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan saga (sci fi books)
65. ivy trailing everywhere
66. Fang...the most fun D&D character I ever played
67. my extra long, extra deep bathtub
68. trees and green growing things
69. the moon
70. mushrooms
71. crystals and gemstones
72. NMR elegant
73. autumn...October in particular
74. cashew nuts
75. swords
76. swallows at play
77. crystal chandeliers
78. cooking...sometimes
79. playing "Rage" (cardgame) with the family
80. creating D&D characters
81. the smell of burning leaves
82. designing quilts
83. doing jigsaw puzzles
84. Bailey's Irish Cream on ice
85. cheese
86. willow trees
87. long walks
88. rocking chairs
89. my digital camera
90. "Stargate" the television series, up through season 8
91. candles
92. boardgame nights with friends
93. forests
94. my ipod
95. vegetarian cookbooks
96. my homemade marinara sauce
97. back scratches
98. celtic mythology
99. dark blue glass
100. Gaelic

Writing Prompt: 100 things I love...or 25...or even 10...


Clueless said...


Coco said...

Great idea, it gives me a better idea of you too! :)

Jazz said...

What's really interesting is to do this exercise a number of times--maybe years apart, maybe in different moods or in different seasons or circumstances--and note what stays the same and what changes. Reading and writing and chocolate and mushrooms are always on my list...but other things are transient, and reflect my interests and passions at different times of my life.

Stephany said...

Great list! I did the 100 about me thing, but havent done a 100 things i love, thanks for the inspiration! PS -I like siberian huskies too LOL :)

Jazz said...

After reading your 100 things about me list I tried one of my own, but it was too much of a challenge for me! I think I got to eleven before I gave up!

Anonymous said...

I did my one hundred things about me in two installments...I had great fun doing it!!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this video? I posted it back in November...


Jazz said...

Thanks for the link, Gianna. I've loved that song since I picked up the CD when it first came out, but I'd never seen the video before...don't watch TV, and haven't had a video card that would let me watch internet video until very recently!

Anonymous said...

I love that song too...totally, though I'm not a great fan of the rest of the bands stuff...

but I go back again and again to listen to that song on youtube...

It's one of my very favorite songs.

It's so beautiful to me that it hurts.

Jazz said...

Same here. I cried the first time I heard it.