Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

Canis Feisticus and Canis Dafticus, who are litter-mates, have just turned three. In dog years, this means they are young adults. In truth, today's events lead me to believe that the sibling rivalry is only escalating, and that young adults or not, there are still growing pains to be experienced.

Like many three-year-olds, Canis Feisticus is becoming a tattle-tale. It started when she was quite young. Once a week, the fur-children receive a marrow bone to gnaw--one each, because we all know what happens when you play favorites with siblings. Canis Dafticus, being a bit of a pig, generally finishes his off in five seconds flat and then goes looking for more.

Often after giving them bones, I go to work in the studio, and after a relatively short period of peace, along comes Canis Feisticus. She wanders in, plops herself down in front of me, and stares at me until I acknowledge her. As soon as I make eye contact she howls. This is dog for, He took my bone, Mom. Sure enough, I follow her out into the kitchen, and there is Canis Dafticus with both bones. I get her bone back for her, and she settles down happily. This scenario is usually repeated several times until the bones become old enough that they are no longer interesting.

This morning, Canis Feisticus came into the studio, plopped down in front of me, and fixed me with her laser beam eyes. I said, "You haven't had a bone today. What do you want? Do you want to go out back?" I got up, intending to let her out, but she went right past the basement door and on into the living room, where Canis Dafticus was happily shredding a tissue. Which he knows he is not supposed to do. (I think.) Canis Feisticus plopped down on her butt and howled again: See what he's doing, Mom?

I took away the tissue and told Canis Dafticus off. And as I turned back towards the studio, Canis Feisticus settled down to work on her bone with a satisfied gleam in her eye, and I could almost hear her thinking, Got him in trouble again! Bonus points for me!

I'm a sister, too, you see.

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