Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Fun Police

Seems like it's been all doom and gloom for the last week or so...we need a bit of Fun...but don't let Canis Feisticus know, because she takes her role as The Fun Police extremely seriously.

Canis Feisticus hasn't always had this role...she used to pounce on butterflies, chase birds, and disrupt ants' nests. Several times she came inside brushing her face with her paw, and when I looked more closely, I could see hundreds of ants crawling all over her whiskers. But last year, when she turned two, she suddenly stopped acting like a puppy and started to take life more seriously.

Unfortunately, like many males I know, Canis Dafticus is a bit slower in maturation department. He still takes great joy in pouncing upon anything that moves, trying to get under the fence to the neighbors' dog (one of those fluffy little lap-dogs, which I am sure he thinks is a rabbit), and falling over from dizziness whilst engaged in the never-ending pursuit of his own tail.

But that's okay, because it gives Canis Feisticus something to do. If it appears, even for one minute, that Canis Dafticus is having Too Much Fun, along comes his sister to put him in his place.

Canis Feisticus has a number of tools in her arsenal. There is the grab-the-boy-by-his-collar-and-don't-let-go move, which is generally not too successful, as both dogs wear break-away collars. There is the get-the-boy-in-trouble-with-Mom move, which I detailed last week. And there is the most annoying howl-until-the-boy-stops-enjoying-life-so-much move, which is okay when they are outside, but gets a bit much at 6:00 on a Saturday morning.

Canis Feisticus doesn't limit her policing activities to her brother, either. Oh, no. If the rest of the family seems to be having Too Much Fun, she puts herself right in the middle of everything and begins howling. If the Chief decides to wrestle with the Barrister, or tickle Little Mouse, she's right in there, making sure nobody has Too Much Fun.

Too Much Fun, after all, can be dangerous for your health. Hell, I've had a psychiatrist increase my medication because he thought I was having Too Much Fun. It's lucky that we have Canis Feisticus to keep us all under control...otherwise we might all have to be medicated.

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