Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mt. Laundry

Mt. Laundry looms above me
All shades of off-white and mud brown
Grass stains on lace
Socks dangling limp and grey from the summit.

I stare up at it and plant my feet
And with a sigh, prepare to haul myself
to the top once more.

Past the grubby T-shirts I climb
Over the towels used to wipe dog feet
clotted with mud
Past the unreported ketchup stain
on the white jeans
And finally, perspiring heavily as I brush
socks from behind my ears
I collapse, having reached the top.

With a howl of triumph,
I stab my flag into the soiled ground.
Mt. Laundry has been conquered--solo!
But in three days
It will rise again...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jazz,
Yes, the laundry is another thing that you can do slowly, one load at a time. Instead of letting it go until you have no choice.(Like diets versus lifestyle change) That is what Flylady recommends. I fell off the wagon this week. I used to do on load every day. This works only if you have a wash machine on site. Mine is in an icky old cellar so it is not the most fun to do.

Jazz said...

I should try to get in the habit of doing a load a day...I do okay getting it in the washer and getting it dried...but it all falls apart when it comes to folding! Folding five loads really is like climbing a mountain!

Anonymous said...

Jazz, calls this Mt. Washmore. You can see some of her suggestions here:

She does talk about how doing the laundry means doing the whole thing from washing to putting away.

She teaches you how to make it bearable.

By the way, that's a cute poem.

Jazz said...

I will have to check that out. I can't imagine anything making it more bearable!