Sunday, May 4, 2008

Trazodone Taper, Part 5: Holding Pattern

I was planning to cut my trazodone dose from 125 mg to 100 mg this weekend, but I have been having headaches all week--not bad ones, just annoying ones--and have been feeling depressed and anxious, all of which are possible side effects of trazodone withdrawal. So I'm going to stay right where I am for a while, and see if these symptoms abate. Ideally, I should not cut the dose until I'm feeling as good as I was before I started tapering. I'm also revising my idea of how quickly this taper should go, after reading Gianna's post on the dangers of withdrawing from psych meds too quickly. I should probably drop to 112.5 mg instead of 100 mg. After all, I've been on this med for five's not unreasonable that it would take a while to get off of it. And the idea here is to try to make myself feel better--not worse. Patience, Grasshopper, patience.

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