Friday, June 13, 2008

The Chapters of Your Life

Writing Prompt: Think of your life as a book, and try to come up with interesting chapter headings for each chapter, or each period, you would divide your life into.

Mine look like this:
1. England
2. The Kid by the Fence
3. Fading into the Herd
4. Waking Up
5. A Herd of One
6. The War
7. Iowa Only Has Three Pigs
8. The F***ing Desert
9. Motherhood
10. The Bipolar Thing
11. Healing


Coco said...

Wow, I like this a lot. Off to do it now. Thanks Jazz :)

Jazz said...

You're welcome! Let me know if you get anything interesting! I've done this exercise a number of times over the years and it's interesting to see how I divide my life up differently at different times.