Friday, July 17, 2009

Moving Day

The Chief and I went over to help his mother pack up her last minute stuff in preparation for her move to a new apartment tomorrow. I shall not tell you about how we were only supposed to be helping "get a few things down from high cupboards", and how the "few things" turned out to be the entire contents of her kitchen--the details are still too painful for close scrutiny.

I must, however, report the following conversation between The Chief and his mother, which I heard whilst wrapping her vast collection of china in newspaper and stuffing it in boxes.

Chief: (coming out of the bathroom with a cup full of toothbrushes) So, Ma, how many people actually live here?

Ma: (not quite sure how to take this question) Well, just me, of course.

Chief: So why do you need seven toothbrushes?

Ma: Well, I use a different one every day.

Chief: Why do you do that?

Ma: (completely serious, I kid you not) Because they don't wear out as fast, then.

Chief: (stunned silence)

Me: (from kitchen) *snort* (unsuccessfully suppressing giggles whilst crossing my knees to keep from wetting meself)

Yeah. It was one of those days.

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