Friday, December 19, 2008

In Which I Win an Award and Attempt to Warp the Space-Time Continuum

A big thank-you to Matt at It's Quite an Experience for bestowing the brand new A Hoy Award upon my humble little blog (which I haven't been paying nearly enough attention to lately, and it's amazing that it hasn't wandered off to find someone else who will love it and nurture it a bit more than I have lately).

I am to pass this award on, and I fully intend to do so, but at the moment...

Xmas is less than a week away and I feel like it is rolling inexorably towards me...the gift shopping is mostly done, the food shopping is not. The tree is up but the baking hasn't even begun (it was attempted, but after two disasters in a row of which we shall not speak, I am living in fear of trying again lest the Wrath of the Universe be vented upon my white chocolate cheesecake which the whole family waits for in hushed anticipation. No pressure here, dudes). One hand-knitted scarf is finished, but three are still on the needles. The wrapping is not done, though that should probably happen today because as of 2:57 this afternoon, the children will be home on break (we will not discuss for whom this is a "break") and it will be relegated to a Clandestine Late Night Operation, which I'd really rather not have to perform...And all of this is on top of the usual cleaning, scaling Mt. Laundry, polishing the dogs, and trying to remove questionable sticky substances from floor and table. (Any advice on warping the space-time continuum to allow myself a whole lot more temporal leeway here would be appreciated right about now...)

So a big thank-you to Matt, and I will be passing this award on...just not right away...patience, my friends. And sweet holidays to you all!


Anonymous said...

Can't stop the passage of time, alas. I would recommend skipping the baking of cookies to allow room for the cheesecake. (No sense in tempting the wrath of the cheesecake gods). For if one has cheesecake, why would one need the lowly cookies? Pshaw! Not only that, but it gives a jump-start to the ol' New Year's resolution to lose weight. No cookie consumption, less weight to take off.

I am awaiting the final two shipments of my cyber shopping. One has already arrived today, and I am expecting another this afternoon (gotta love package tracking!) The last of them should arrive about Tuesday, at which time I will also have to clandestinely wrap, however, I can do that in the morning as no self-respecting teenager would be seen out of bed before noon on a day off from school. Monday evening I intend on dragging Darling Husband to the grocery with me to do the shopping (as I don't trust him to do it alone). Tuesday I fully intend to drag Darling Son out of bed (after said gifts are wrapped) and make him help me with the cleaning. He does dishes, bathrooms, vacuuming and dusting. I go over everything he either missed or did half-assed, plus tidy, do last minute laundry and scrub floors.

Let your kids help you out (they're plenty old enough). You need to lower your expectations/standards, but it's a good learning experience for them. If they demand cookies, make them make them from start to finish. You just make sure they don't burn the house down. They're old enough to follow a recipe and bake. Bathrooms, dusting and vacuuming are great chores that kids can handle. They don't do it perfectly, but it teaches them skills they'll need as adults, and lets you off the hook, too. Take them to the grocery and have them do the bagging. Remind them that bread products and eggs go on the top, but other than that, let them have at it. Just make sure all your bags make it to your car. One year we left a full grocery bag at the store.

I learned early on to use my kids as (slaves) assistants in helping me with my chores. It got the job done, taught them life skills, and (mostly) relieved my stress.

Jazz said...

Yeah, but they're gingerbread cookies...ya gotta have gingerbread cookies on Christmas...dire things happen to the space-time continuum if you don't...

Don't worry, the kids will help. I already have the chore list drawn up! And I must rub in the fact that my teenager is usually up around 7:00 (a.m.) even on I can get quite a lot of mileage out of him on cleaning days!

Anonymous said...

Ah, but MY teenager is up until 3:00 a.m., so I get my mileage on the other end of the day, cuz I don't wanna be up before GOD, myself. (Mornings wouldn't be so bad if they came after noon.) It's God's job to wake the birds. I have too much other stuff to do. That, and none of us are morning people, which means mornings are best avoided lest there be war.

susan said...


I just stopped by to say congrats on the A HOY, and wishing you and your family a very happy holiday.

The cat hopes the dogs get a visit from Santa Paws.

Jazz said...

Thanks, Susan! Happy Holidays to you, too!

The dogs hope the cat gets a visit from Santa Claws!

(The dogs certainly thought Santa Paws had come the other day when I let them lick out the bowl I used to mix up cheesecake!)