Monday, October 13, 2008

The Universe is Watching

School conferences last week went amazingly well. I am starting to think that Hell's Barrister may finally be starting to get it together as far as the whole Organization and Time Management business is concerned.

*slaps self up side of head*

Oh, dear. I've gone and said it. Well...typed it, at least. And thought it, which is generally more than enough.

Now I picture the Universe cackling with glee to hear my delusional thought that my son may actually be starting to "get it". It's probably rubbing its hands together and busily thinking up ways to trip me up right now. I imagine it kicking back in an easy chair, a beer at its elbow and a stubby #2 pencil tucked behind its left ear as it thinks up new and thrilling ways to complicate my life.

And I'm not being paranoid!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jazz,
It is important to expect the best and not write a role for children that they are doomed to fulfill.

At least with me...if I am told that I am one way or another I tend to believe it. This can be bad or good.

Raising children is so complicated and tender.

I hope things continue to go well

Jazz said...

Oh, I know it. Parenting is incredibly complicated...who knows how bad I'm screwing them up just by being me? I suppose in twenty years or so, if neither of them is in prison or homeless then I can congratulate myself on a job well done. But not until.