Monday, September 15, 2008


So much for the oodles of time I was supposed to have once the kids got back to school. Between dealing with contractors for some repairs on our house and dealing with school (would someone please explain under what educational paradigm it is acceptable for a sixth grader to be getting four hours of homework a night?) and dealing with my mother-in-law moving into her own apartment (AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!) I have had little time to call my own...I haven't even finished my notes for the journal workshop, which is coming up soon, so don't be surprised if I'm not around much the next couple of weeks!

I started knitting a pathetic little blue and white cotton dishrag in my few moments of spare time (like waiting for Little Mouse to get her haircut and in the cardiologists waiting room when I went with The Chief for his annual checkup), and when it's finished, I shall post a's nothing like what I intend to be able to knit eventually, but journey of a thousand miles and all that zen stuff...gotta go there to get here and all of that...

Canis Dafticus has an ear infection, which Canis Feisticus is not helping, what with having her tongue stuck as far into his ear canal as she can manage at every opportunity. Personally I don't see what the attraction is. I mean, I love The Chief, but the last thing I want to do is stick my tongue in his earhole!


Mariah said...

Four hours of homework for tweens is almost the norm.

That's roughly an eleven-hour workday. It would be considered unlawful for an adult.

But sadly, there really isn't a whole lot that can be done, especially if she's already using her time effeciantly...

Gianna said...

if that kind of homework is routine why are kids so stupid now...I hear horror stories from friends of mine who teach at the university and college level...the kids simply aren't prepared for college...

what's up?

I hope you can enjoy your class and don't worry about the blog...we'll still be here. Do try to let us know how it's going at least occasionally.

Wellness Writer said...

I remember my son's homework in middle school and high school with horror. There was so much busy work it made me gag. College is way easier.

Can't wait to see the rag since you're my knitting role model, like it or not!


Wellness Writer said...

Oh, and good luck with your class! That's so exciting!


Jazz said...

Thanks for the comments, all! I did get a chance to talk with the coordinator of the IB program my daughter is in, and she said they shouldn't be having more than an hour or an hour and a half of homework a night...the problem is the math curriculum--they are using a new one this year, and apparently the teacher isn't familiar enough with it yet to gage how long the homework is going to take the kids. I couldn't believe it when she got home the day after the four-hour homework session--she said some of the kids were up til midnight finishing their math! She managed to get done by 9:00, which is our "lights-out" time, so she missed our bedtime reading (I usually read to the kids from 8:00 to 8:30) and her own read-in-bed time. Last night was much better...she had about an hour of homework, which she can handle.

Gianna--I have to agree--my high school did a lousy job preparing me for college...I never had homework in high school. College was quite a shock, let me tell you!

Susan--Knitting role model, eh? I'm not sure about this...I believe you are placing far too much faith in my abilities! Have you read the blog Jung at Heart? She has a knitting section and she's working on this gorgeous lace stole/shawl thing, and I am so jealous of her knitting skills!

Jazz said...

Ugh! Looks like my linky didn't work! The blog address is supposed to be

Stephany said...

I teach in high school and my kids also participated in the IB classes. The time was unbelievable for requirements, I'm talking into the 1-2am getting work done and back at school at 7am. It's not that big of a deal to enter college w an IB sticker on the Diploma; they are looking for solid community service hours and honor society hours now, plus written self-essays.

My 2 oldest daughters survived it, some kids stressed out and dropped out. Ugh and we have state required testing too.

PS-- Cheryl Fuller's site is a good one, and yes her knitting is amazing. (so is yours :)

Hang in there,


Jazz said...

Oh, Stephany, you haven't seen my knitting yet! It's hardly amazing...although I am amazed that I can do it. I've always had this idea that I can't, so it's rather satisfying to find out that I can!

As far as IB daughter is in the Middle Years Program, which will run from 6th-8th grade. As far as I know, our district does not have plans to impelement the program at the high school level, which is a shame, although they do have AP classes available, and I've heard horror stories about those. With our district's current budget crisis, however, the future of both programs is shaky. If things get too bad here, I'm considering pulling both my kids out and doing an on-line public schooling option that I've been researching as an alternative for my son.

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