Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break...A Break for Whom?

Hell's Barrister (boy, 12), and Little Mouse (girl, 10) are home on spring break this week, and it has been, shall we say, a bit trying. The Barrister is currently banned from video games as punishment for blowing off a project in his music class, which resulted in his final grade in music dropping from an A- to a C+.

The Chief of Security (hubby) decreed this punishment the day before spring break started, secure in the knowledge that he would be safely at work for the week, leaving me to deal with the fallout, including the boredom, the whining, the sniping and the wandering around sighing ever-so-dramatically whilst casting his eyes about to see if anyone has noticed.

Of course, in the Barrister's mind, the 45 minutes a day that he would normally be allowed to commune with the PS3 would completely solve his dilemma of what to do with himself all week.

Now, if I had my way, there wouldn't be any video games in the house at all. But the Chief of Security, who earns the money around here, has only two hobbies: video games, and a close and time-consuming relationship with Gladys (his computer). So video games are in the house (and so, much to my consternation, is Gladys). And in order to avoid looking like a hypocrite, the Chief allows the Barrister to play...except when things are not going well at school for reasons within the Barrister's control. Like now.

On the up side, he's read two novels since Friday, and completed about fifty experiments with his electronics kit.

I'm currently considering my own experiment...I'm wondering if that PS3 puts out enough heat to cook a Pop-Tart...

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