Saturday, March 22, 2008

In Pieces

Who am I now?
Fractured, splintered
In pieces, I stand
Behind the glass wall that separates me from the world
Wondering who I am now...

I am and have been
(in no particular order)
wife, mother, sister, daughter,
friend, DM, yoga student,
writer, artist, musician,
manic depressive,
chief cook and bottle washer,
PhD candidate, graduate student,
NMR jock, pyrotechnician, radiation worker,
unmedicated bipolar,
poet, dreamer, tree-climber,
insomniac, dancer,
zombie (file that under Big Pharma, baby)

But right now
Just for right now
I'm trying to figure out who I am today
And who I want to be for the rest of the journey


Val said...

Followed your link from BP Blast...
Good luck on tapering of the trazodone -- I think the shrink I saw last spring who Rx'd it must have REALLY hated my guts. [I still have a sizable stash but only take half a tab or so on those nights when I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY must get some sleep!]

Jazz said...

Thanks, Val!
That's where I'm hoping to end up--having a stash, but only using it for emergencies. I just hope my body remembers how to fall asleep without chemical help.