Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

So...this was supposed to be the one morning of the week when I did not have have to Go Out. I was going to laze around in my sweats, drink my morning chai (made with soy milk...wards off those annoying hot flashes, dontcha know), and read some blogs.

Yeah, right.

7:12 am: last child out the door. Peace.

7:35 am: having stripped and remade the kids' beds with fresh sheets, get laundry going.

7:40 am: make chai. Sit down. Sigh contentedly.

7:42 am: phone rings. It's Little Mouse: "Mom, I forgot my stuffing for my science project" (don't ask.)

7:43 am: sigh. Glance longingly at chai and chair. Gather up car keys, wallet, cell phone and shopping list for the drug store, which I'm driving right by, so I might as well stop at, which will make tomorrow's list of errands just a little shorter.

8:00 am: drop off stuffing at school.

8:10 am: get to drug store. Discover they only actually have three of the eight items on my list. Bleh.

8:36 am: arrive home. Divest myself of the Accoutrements of Going Out. Let dogs out. Take a sip of chai, which is still warm thanks to my insulated mug thingy.

8:37 am: notice blinky yellow light on the phone, which means I have voice mail. Sigh. The only people who ever call me that early are children who've forgotten things.

8:38 am: retrieve message. It's the Barrister: "Mom, I forgot my glasses." We are not going to speak of my amazement that anyone could FORGET THEIR GLASSES. I have been wearing glasses since I was seven, and I have NEVER FORGOTTEN MY GLASSES. I can't bloody see without them!

8:39 am: sigh. Call dogs back in. Find glasses. Gather up Accoutrements of Going Out once more.

8:49 am: realize I have left the washing machine running, and with my luck, this will be they day it decides to break down, spewing water over everything and causing a Major Catastrophe that I do not have the Will To Deal With.

8:52 am: arrive at the Barrister's middle school--which is RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from Little Mouse's middle school, which is where I was LESS THAN AN HOUR AGO. Endure knowing smile from office receiptionist, who now knows me by name because I have been doing Mom-I-forgot-whatever runs at least every week for the last three years.

9:05 am: arrive home once more. Check washing machine, which is happily chugging along. Let dogs out, both of whom are giving me the the will-you-make-up-your-damn-mind look. Take a sip of chai. Which is now cold.

9:06 am: lament the loss of my quiet morning. Bleh.


Stephany said...

i remember those days

Anni said...

Hmm, my would have just told me to cope without whatever I had forgotten. I would have refused to leave the house without my glasses though, because, as you said, I can't bloody see without them. :)

Jazz said...

I'm kind of getting to the point where I'm ready to say, "Too bad! Deal with it!" I think once they're in high school, they need to start figuring these things out for themselves...and dealing with the consequences if they don't.

Anni said...

I meant my mum of course, but I think you got it. She was also rarely home during the day. But I suppose it's not easy to say no when the kids are asking.

Jazz said...

It's real hard to say no. I just had my son calling me at 7:10 this morning..."Mom, I forgot my math folder and my calculator and my book...and my final is in 5 minutes and I have to turn my book in today!" So yeah, I took his stuff to him. (Do I get Bonus Points? And is there some sort of Bonus Point Redemption Program where I can get Cool Stuff? Cuz I'm feeling a little underappreciated, here!)

It's hard to know when to let go and let them sink or swim on their own. On the one hand, I feel like as long as I'm home, it's not a big deal to help them out (and really, that's part of my "job" as Mom-at-home)...on the other hand, at least right now there's a safety net, and if I don't let them figure it out now, then they have to figure it out when they're on their own, and the trouble they can get into as adults is a whole lot more difficult to deal with than the minor messes they're capable of creating now!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jazz. I'm back to blogging myself (well, not myself, but...ah, hell, you know what I mean), and just catching up on nearly a years' worth of blog posts.

Your kids (at least the Barrister) are of the age where you really should be saying "tough toenails", and not bringing forgotten items to them. It isn't even allowed at Darling Son's school. Seriously. One forgotten item that remains forgotten will teach them to remember a little more closely next time. And the time after that. Until eventually they don't forget.

P.S. I've forgotten my glasses, but only after I've gotten into the car, and before I've actually started to drive. In my case, though, my prescription is fairly weak and I can see well enough upon waking in the morning that I bum around the house without them for awhile.