Saturday, February 21, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...and Game-Addicted

So, I am, contrary to popular belief, still hanging about the blogosphere, I've just got a whole lot of things dancing around in my head competing for my attention. Like...

1. Knitting. I have socks (2 pairs), mittens, hat, dish cloth, and shawl on the needles at the moment, and am contemplating taking the plunge and trying a sweater. Eek. Somebody stop the woman before she hurts herself!

2. Baten Kaitos. I am writing an FAQ for this Most Awesome of Video Games, because the ones I've found to date just don't cut it for me. Yes, I realize this is a monumental waste of my time, and yes, I realize that at 43 years old I have better things to do with my life, but really, there's something about organizing large, complex data sets that just sort of floats my boat. As it were. It was my favorite part of writing my dissertation, and it was my favorite part of the work I did after that on data analysis of the contents of nuclear waste tanks. Yes, all right, that means I'm a geek of sorts. But it also means that after four years of trying, I'm finally going to beat this damn video game!

3. Catherine Asaro. I've started re-reading her Skolian saga and even though I've read it before (a few years ago) I can't put it down. 'Nuff said.

4. The embryonic novel that's in my head right now and won't shut up. I've started writing a few scenes for it, and run through a few more in the shower. Don't ask. It works.

None of these things is really conducive to sitting down quietly and typing up insightful blog entries that the world at large...or...the three of you who are still reading this thing...are interested in hearing about, and so all I can do is come before you with my hands spread, shake my head dolefully, and say, "I got nothin'"

Maybe I'll have more time after I've beaten the damn game next week, eh?


Gianna said...

did you see this??

I totally DO NOT get the appeal of video games...but apparently you're not alone!!

Jazz said...

Interesting. I wouldn't really call myself a hard core gamer. There have been a total of about 4 video games in the twenty years since hubby and I got together that I've really liked:
1. The Legend of Zelda for the original Nintendo system
2. Baldur's Gate II: Dark Alliance for the Playstation 2
3. Oblivion for the Playstation 3
4. Baten Kaitos for Nintendo Game Cube.
Other than those, I could take 'em or leave 'em. My hubby adores video games and plays most days. I actually can go for months or years without playing if there's nothing around that interests me. But I've had Baten Kaitos for about four years now and have never managed to collect every single card available in the game...this time I'm going to do it, damn it!

Anonymous said...

Nice to "see" you around

Anonymous said...

"I got nothin'" is exactly why I'm going to take my blog down. What's to talk about when every day is exactly the same as the day before? Not to mention "nothin'" can refer to my readership.

I have my video games, and I'm 44! I love Real Time Stragetgy (RTS)games! My faves are:
1. The Age of Empires series
2. Empire Earth II
3. Rise of Nations
4. Company of Heroes

Then there's The Sims 2, a life simulator, and an oldie, but goodie, Emperor, which is a civilization builder, which takes place in ancient China.

When I first got my copy of TS2 (the number 1 selling game of all time), I played nonstop for a solid 48 hours, not even bothering to sleep! I can easily spend 20 hours a day playing my games, but what else have I got to do besides the same old, same old? Clean house, do laundry, cook meals, do shopping, etc.? Those things don't even take that much time. I have zero social life to occupy any of my time, so here I sit with my virtual people as replacements for real friends.

Jazz said...

Well, hell, blogging is work! It was okay when I had the whole bipolar thing to figure out and needed the support and help to figure out what was up, but now that I'm past that, there's not a whole lot to say other than, "Got up. Walked dogs. Did laundry. Made dinner. Went to bed. Lather, rinse, repeat."

I had no idea you were into those strategy games! The Chief loves them, and so does The Barrister. Have you tried Spore? It's pretty cute.

As for virtual friends...give me a call sometime...maybe we should do lunch. I'll try not to get sick this time!

Anonymous said...

I thought you knew I liked those games? Pretty sure I discussed them with The Chief last time we were there.

I haven't tried Spore, but Darling Son owns it. He loves it, and is anxiously awaiting the expansion pack. I've watched him play it, and it does look like a little fun. I'd at least like to try it.

We will have to get together. However, I have a wedding cake I have to do for my niece who's getting married in just under 2 weeks. After that, though, gosh let me check my calendar, I think I can squeeze you in, oh....ANY TIME!

Wellness Writer said...

Very clever! I laughed out loud. Personally, I think you're quite unique. I know no other 43-year-old woman who's a geek-gamer-knitter-reader-writer.


Jazz said...

This is probably why I have such a deplorable social's hard to find anyone who's interests line up with mine...

Wellness Writer said...

And maybe it's why I like you so! You definitely meet my quirkiness quotient--an important barometer for friendship!