Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

"Mom...will you help me get a quilt started?"
"Mom...I spilled paint on the dog."
" socks feel funny!"
"Mom...will you put sunscreen on my back?"
"Mom...I'm hungry, when's dinner?"
"Mom...I trapped a squirrel...can I keep him?"
" does this toast-making contraption work?"

Independence Day, huh?


Bipolar Wellness Writer said...

Your post suggests why the founding fathers of our country were men. Women wouldn't have had time to write the Declaration of Independence.

And if you watched the HBO series on John Adams, that sure brought this issue home. Abigail Adams was running the farm and taking care of their four children when her husband was sitting in the Continental Congress and later serving as Ambassador to France.

Jazz said...

Or perhaps if women had found time to write the Declaration of Independence, it would have been an entirely different kind of independence!

I didn't watch that series, but I can't imagine how much work that would have been...managing two children full time is enough, even with all the modern conveniences. Raising four children and running a farm...that's a lot! I count myself lucky to live in a time where I have the time and energy to pursue my own interests. Think of all the unsung women throughout history whose talents went unusued and perhaps even undiscovered because they were buried in the work society demanded that they do. How difficult, to have a creative drive but no time or energy to devote to it...and no support from those around you.

Bipolar Wellness Writer said...

You're right! And what I learned from the series was truly how hard it was for these women. Unlike some of the other members of the first Congress, the Adams' didn't have a private fortune. And...there were all these terrible childhood diseases too. I was exhausted watching the show.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jazz,

I understand you frustration, or maybe I don't.

I remember being soooo lonely, and so sad. I missed my kid and my husband. I would have loved to have kids begging me to help them...or a husband.

I spent a good portion of my life pining for what I had and trying to find that life again.

And because of that feeling, I feel that I have fallen into the role of the "little woman" in my current marriage.

I remember the loneliness so much that I would do anything to have people or a "family" around me...and I have fallen into the main caretaker, cook, and cleaner of our home. The other reason I have fallen into it is because I feel guilty about the times I was so depressed that I didn't do any cooking, cleaning or laundry.

Last week was the first time I told my husband that I wanted him to help me with the dishes.

He even fixed me a meal midweek.
(It isn't like he doesn't do anything...he does a lot of laundry..and I don't really want him to do the cooking or grocery shopping because he buys stuff I don't want to eat.)

I will try to post about what he fixed for me with stuff I had around the house when I was so tired.

Jazz said...

Hi, Naturalgal!

It was really just meant to be funny, although there certainly is a grain of truth to it, as well!

Guilt is a tough one to fight. It is for me, anyway. I have a really hard time with it when hubby starts doing stuff around the's like, hey, wait a minute, aren't I doing a good enough job?

I've really got to get over that and just let him help...

Did your hubby actually cook something that you would eat? When mine cooks, he usually makes something with meat, so I end up fending for myself. Except for stir fry night...he does an awesome veggie stir fry with cashew nuts.

The Chief said...


I understand perfectly well how the toast-making thing works. I was just a little overwhelmed by all the options I needed to consider. I would have figured it out eventually.

Jazz said...

The evidence the other morning suggested otherwise...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jazz,

Yes he does cook a bit. And since we are getting more and more on the same page with our food, he has begun fixing things I like. Right now he is doing the laundry.

Jazz said...

You're getting him well trained! I wouldn't let mine touch the laundry...once with the red t-shirt in with the whites was quite enough. I'm pretty sure he did it on purpose so I wouldn't as him again...but you never know...

Coco said...

LOL! That is too funny. AND too true... ;)